I believe that there is no “right” diet for everyone.

While many books and websites tout a new eating plan that will work for everyone, real nutrition is individual. In my view, there is no one diet or lifestyle that is appropriate for 100% of the population. My goal is to find the right diet for you, whether it be vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean, low FODMAP, DASH, or anything in between.

About Meg

Meg Bowman MS, CNS, LDN
Integrative Clinical Nutrition

I’m a work in progress. A few years ago, the stress in my life tanked my immune system and I got really sick. Multiple courses of antibiotics and high dose steroids sick. These drugs thankfully kept me breathing, but did nothing for my gut health and I was subsequently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

The months after my diagnosis were life changing. I went back to school for a Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health, adopted a radically different diet free of processed foods and sugars, and saw immediate improvements in my health. But the most drastic improvements didn’t happen until I addressed my stress. Then, I started to feel energized about life again!

As an integrative clinical nutritionist specializing in mental health issues and the physical conditions that go with them, I work with clients to nourish their mind, body, and spirit. I use simple changes in the diet, along with select herbs and supplements to bolster the physical body. Integrative practices such as mindfulness, biofeedback, guided imagery, and aromatherapy support the mind and spirit.

In my off hours, I love to cook, read, garden, and get into nature with my husband and son.


  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health, MUIH
  • Master of Arts in Medieval Studies from Western Michigan University
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Luther College


This is Scout, our family’s shih tzu puppy and hopefully a future member of the Nourish team as a therapy dog.

So far, we’re still working on training basics like sleeping through the night and not piddling on the floors, but you hopefully will see her in the office in the coming months.