I believe good nutrition comes from food, not supplements.

Sometimes, short term supplementation is necessary to replenish your body’s nutrient stores, and in other cases, long-term or even life-long supplementation is necessary. My goal, when possible, is to help you find sources of needed nutrients through your diet rather than relying on long-term supplementation.

For Mental Health Professionals

I often work with mental health professionals including counselors, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Click here for more information.

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Half-Veg Dinner

Most days, I try really hard to make at least 50% of my dinner vegetables. I’ll have a serving of a starchy veg, such as peas, sweet potatoes, or squash, and have a serving or two of [...]


I really love chai. Really. Love it. Not only is it warm, delicious, and comforting, it is filled with wonderful antioxidant-rich spices which help with all those nasty free radicals your body [...]