I believe good nutrition comes from food, not supplements.

Sometimes, short term supplementation is necessary to replenish your body’s nutrient stores, and in other cases, long-term or even life-long supplementation is necessary. My goal, when possible, is to help you find sources of needed nutrients through your diet rather than relying on long-term supplementation.

Nutrition Services


Functional Nutrition Appointments 

First Appointment

The initial appointment is where information is gathered. Whether you work with Meg or Tessa, they will ask about your current health, and where you’d like to be in the future. They both conduct nutrition-focused physical exams to identify evidence of any deficiencies, chat about food, and ask about how you’d like to proceed. Because the initial appointment is primarily meant to gather information, please be aware that very few, if any recommendations come within the first visit.

Follow Up Appointments

The follow up appointments are where the real work gets done. In the first follow up, your nutritionist will work with you to determine a treatment plan, and then at each subsequent session will work toward achieving the objectives on that plan.

Step by Step

  • Intake appointments with Meg or Tessa (60 minutes) – $300
  • Follow up appointments with Meg or Tessa (45 minutes)- $150